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Mon, Feb. 15th, 2010, 04:02 pm
Norwegian Prison

While stumbling, I found this link showing pictures of a minimum security Norwegian prison.

Pictures can be found here.

The pictures are nothing new. I've seen them on other sites before and never really paid any attention to them. This time though, I scrolled through the comments.

The comments from actual Norwegians, as opposed to what appear to be conservative American trolls, all say basically the same thing:

"Yep, that's a prison. What's the big deal?"

To which the majority of Americans reply:

"But where is the anal rape? WTF?!? This so-called prison looks better than my house/apartment/dorm/cardboard box/etc... What prevents foreigners from entering the country illegally and committing non-violent crimes just so they get sent to this luxury prison? I am seriously considering doing just that, so seriously answers, pls thnx? Don't you fools know that the only way a criminal will learn is if you put them in a cage and treat them like an animal for years!  That way when they're released back into society, they... um.... respect the law and look forward to being a productive member of society? Um, that's how it works, right?"

To which the Norwegians reply:

"O.o??? What do you think the inmates require more, the anal rape you speak of or education and healthy exercise? This is a prison system based around the idea that it's better to give a man a proper second chance at life than to mistreat him for x number of years and then throw him back out to his criminal friends. It works."

And the Americans say:

"I bet every one of you commies is committing crimes left and right just to get a free stay in these luxury hotel prisons!"

The confused Norwegians reply:

"No... this is prison. PRISON. Everyone's home and live on the outside is better than this. What is going on in your countries where our prisons look more appealing than your everyday lives?!?!?"

So Finland chimes in:

"This really is terrible. Our prisoners get PS3s too!"

Tue, Feb. 16th, 2010 03:45 pm (UTC)

I've seen documentaries on US prisons (ok, that's the most hardcore ones I am sure) but I am amazed at how things are going in there.

But what do you expect from a country which has more prisoners then the rest of the world combined? They simply can't afford to treat the inmates like 'normal' people and have the wrong attitude towrds it as well. As was said in the comments as well, it's a different take on the matter..

Do you want to try and make better people of the inmates or just simply punish them as hard as possible